Composition of Committees, Commissions, and Councils

The University Council Constitution and By-laws stipulate the membership of University Council and each of the committees, commissions, and councils. The President’s office is responsible for tracking the membership of each of these bodies and ensuring that vacancies are filled properly.


At the beginning of the spring semester each year, the President’s office initiates a letter soliciting new membership from the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Graduate Student Assembly, Student Government Association, Faculty Organizations, assorted administrators, commission chairs, deans, etc. Each of these groups then conducts its own nomination/election process and reports its outcome to the President’s office by mid-April. For commission vacancies, the name of one person elected for each vacant seat is to be provided. For committee or council vacancies, the names of two nominees for each vacant seat are to be provided; from the two nominees, the President will select one to serve. Governance terms expire on June 30 of each academic year, and the goal is to have each committee and commission roster completed soon thereafter.


Once membership rosters have been completed (reflecting the Constitution and By-laws to the letter), new members are notified of their roles by the President, and committee/commission chairs are provided with their respective membership roster.


By the beginning of the academic year, all membership rosters are posted on the governance website. Thereafter, rosters are updated periodically as necessary.